FREE online spine assessment

Your 3-Step Fastrack to a Better Back – How it Works

Free Initial Assessment

Your Free Initial Assessment

Complete our free online spine assessment OR call us on 0202 8088 1222. Your assessment results will be emailed to you, and then you can book a complimentary call with a specialist spine surgeon who will review your results – all free of charge with no obligation to proceed.

Our surgeon can then advise whether a scan of your spine is required

Diagnosis and Plan

Your Diagnosis

What happens next depends on whether a scan of your spine is required – it is worth noting that for most of our patients, a scan is NOT required at this stage.

If a scan is NOT required

A conference meeting to discuss your specific treatment needs will take place between a Spine MDT surgeon and one or more of our advanced spinal therapists

We will then be able to recommend to you the most appropriate treatment package, tailored to your individual needs. Various treatment packages are available.

If a scan IS required

We have established a fast, cost-effective One-Stop Clinic for patients which includes:

An appropriate scan (usually MRI) at a clinic in your area.

A formal consultation with a specialist spine surgeon, featuring:
    - Detailed scan review
    - Review of your medical history
    - Physical examination
    - A detailed, easy to understand consultation report
    - A tailored treatment plan


Your Treatment Plan

We will now be able to recommend a treatment plan and package that is tailored to your exact needs.

If a surgical procedure is NOT required

The majority of our patients do not require an invasive surgical procedure to fix their back and spine pain.

We have created a range of fixed-price non-invasive treatment packages that provide a comprehensive and integrated range of treatment options. Providing best value for money, each treatment package can be tailored to your individual needs.

All our treatment packages are delivered by specialised spinal therapists including osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and pain management specialists – all working under the oversight of s specialist spine surgeon.

See our treatment packages here

If a surgical procedure IS required

Following your scan and consultation at our One-Stop Clinic, our surgeons will be able to recommend the most appropriate procedure for you. This recommendation includes:

Your surgeon will discuss the procedure in detail with you.

We will provide you with both written and video information about the procedure.

Time to think – a cooling-off period to make sure you are comfortable with our recommendation.

Scheduling of the procedure in one of our associated hospitals.

Our unique approach to the treatment of back, neck and spine pain means:

- A fast, direct route to a diagnosis
- Co-ordinated and integrated approach to your care
- More cost-effective with best-value fixed-price solutions
- The least invasive treatment solutions with the longest lasting results

Our Locations

With our head office located in Northampton, we have access to a network of clinic locations throughout the UK.

In addition to face-to-face appointments, we also offer remote video consultations. Many hospitals have set up secure video consultation access via popular video platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom, and if required the appointment staff can help you to set up these consultations.

Primary Clinic Locations

Central London
9 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QY

BMI - Chelsfield Park Hospital
Private Consultations and Surgery
Bucks Cross Rd, Chelsfield, Orpington, BR6 7RG

Spire - Hartswood Brentwood
Private Consultations and Surgery
Eagle Way, Warley, Brentwood, CM13 3LE