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Anthony Ghosh MBChB MD FRCS(Neuro.Surg)

Many neurosurgical practices and many practitioners offering their services are generic in their practice and often need to refer onwards when the limits of their expertise is reached. As a London fellowship trained and practicing Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon I have undergone further higher subspecialised training and focused my practice to deliver the highest standard of care in these 2 areas.

- Back Pain & Spine Care (back pain, degenerative spine and disc disease, tumours, adult degenerative deformity, fractures, sciatica, myelopathy, neck and arm pain)

- Neurovascular Surgery (Aneurysm, AVM, AVF, Cavernoma and Moyamoya)

I continue to oversee the care of my patients within the close multidisciplinary network of professionals I work with who share my values.

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Back pain and spine care

Conditions & Treatments Available


Back pain
Sciatica / leg pain
Slipped / herniated disc
Spondylolisthesis/ spondylosis
Spinal fractures
Spinal tumours
Neck pain
Spinal cord compression
Brachalgia / arm pain

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Minimally invasive surgery
Nerve injections
Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
Anterior cervical disc replacement (arthroplasty)
Spinal fixation / fusion
Vertebroplasty / kyphoplasty

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Back Pain
Home after a lumbar discectomy an hour later

3 questions about back pain and spine care all patients ask

What is the cause of my back pain/ neck pain?
How can it be treated??
How much will this cost me to treat privately?

Neurosurgery (Brain)

Conditions & Treatments Available

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Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)
Arteriovenous fistula (AVF)


- Aneurysm
- Cavernoma
Endovascular treatments
(Carried out by Interventional Neuroradiology)

Where I Work



BMI - Chelsfield Park Hospital
Private Consultations and Surgery

Bucks Cross Rd, Chelsfield,
Orpington BR6 7RG

Call: 01689 877855


Spire - Hartswood - Brentwood
Private Consultations and Surgery

Eagle Way, Warley,
Brentwood CM13 3LE

Call: 01277 508161


BMI - London Independent Hospital

1 Beaumont Square,
London E1 4NL

Whilst surgery is carried out here for complex cases no consultations are held here.

Remote Video Consultations

The video consultation platforms (MS Teams and Zoom) have been set up by the hospitals to ensure your security and ease of use. The appointment staff will help you in setting up these consultations.


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